What is O.T.E. Treatment for horses?

O.T.E. Treatment has been developed in Finland, and this treatment is used to take care of fascia and muscle membrain. Through this web of membrain, it is possible to treat without pain different kind of pain, scar tissue, metabolic and muscle problems. This membrain connects muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, internal organs and skin together. It covers the whole body.

O.T.E. Treatment is never done against pain

As a treatment, O.T.E. is very light; it has healing power and respects all signals coming from the horse. The treatment differs totally from any other forms of myofascia and muscle menbrain streching treatments. Quite often the area of pain is treated with medications and letting time go by. An area affected with pain cannot be massaged, not give electric treatments or use any other forms of machinery treatments. Considering the pain of the horse, there is also recommended light exercise as one kind of treatment method, not only standing inside stable. In extreme cases any movement is totally forbidden, for example fractures, laminitis ect.

In regular, old school massage methods, muscle treatments is often given by using instruments or tools or using the pure force/power to make the membrain more elastic. When tissue is sore or under the pain, it tenses under the intense pressure and movement of muscles, and then the treatment doesn't give the desired result. This means, that sore muscles returns into previous tension, like it was before the treatment.

In O.T.E. Treatment no tools or equipment is used that would make the membrain/organic structure more sore.

The experience is totally different compared to mechanical treatments. The practitioner senses the tension of muscle membrains and all signals horse is giving, through her hands. The practitioner follows the signals and information she is receiving during the treatment via her hands and proceeds on the treatment area by respecting the signals the horse is giving.

This treatment has strong effect on the core muscles, even though the very gentle touch. As an experience for the horse the treatment is very relaxing, calming and will heal traumatic experiences.

O.T.E. eases the pain through the muscles membrain web, not trough muscle. This plexus membrain senses the touch, and send the message to the brain about the meaning and force of touch. Even the lightest human touch on the horses' skin makes the sensory reseptories send messages to the central nervous system (CNS). CNS sends messages to the muscle tissue on how to react.

When the horse is dehydrated this membrain dries and when it is dry, there will be lack of communication between membrain and CNS. O.T.E. Treatment helps absorption of fluids into the delicate menbrain, so that the elasticity, nutrition and cellular recurrence will improve. Then the information is transmitted more actively.

Very painful or area of trauma can be treated by membrain web. This membrain web behaves as the link between every muscle, bone, ligament, internal organs and skin as a connective membrain. It reacts on stimulations that happens futher away of area that is under treatment.

Acute swelling or older trauma area can be treated by affecting from the outer parts of the muscle membrains. By this, it is possible to treat effected area without touching the trauma area, but still treating the acute pain. Due the structure of membrain web, acute stress area do not have to be touched directly, yet still the treatment effects the acute area.

Overall results of O.T.E. Treatment

Psycological results:
- Relaxes the mind
- Helps dealing with past negative incidences
- Alleviate negative stress
- Removes tension
- Helps concentration
- Positive results in behavior
- Balances the psyche

Fysical results:
- Eases quickly and long term accute and cronic pain
- Accellerates recovery in tissue damage
- Accellerates exit of stress and trauma tissue fluids
- Speeds recovery time
- Speeds up liver and kiddney action
- Accellerates metabolism
- Lowers quickly in blood
- Eases nerv jams
- Helps breathing
- Helps mucus discharge from the lungs
- Positive change in movements
- Inhanses performance
- Positive change in elasticity in general
- Positive change in fluids and nutrion absorbation
- Enhanses positively renew of slow muscle cell
- Balances body
- Eases scar tissue elasticity and scorch mark

After the treatment the horse needs rest.

After the treatment the impact of treatment may continue up to 3 days (in some special cases even longer) including the treatment day. The horse needs 2 total rest days. By rest day it means that the horse is not lunged, driven or dridden at all. The animal has to have clean water all the time. The horse must also be covered against rain and wind. With this the body has a chance to help itself and the treatment keeps processing inside the body. After these days of totally rest, the horse can start training little by little during the first week.

O.T.E. Treament creator
Tanja Kannela